KFC x Human Made

This project was a dream come true from beginning to end.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Nigo’s work on A Bathing Ape and Human Made, and it made my teenage heart beat out of my chest as I was able to work with a legend in the community, his team as well as Hypbeast to create the inaugural KFC fashion collaboration.

So many people worked so hard to make this a possibility. It was an effort from all sides – Anjali Patel, our Media director extraordinaire made it all possible in a relationship with Hypebeast. Matt Hisamoto for helping us out with strategy. Our many amazing account people, Lindsay Warner, Kimmy Cunningham to help convince our amazing clients to undertake this project.

The amazing and bigger than life designers, Katie McHugh and David Trujillo.

Our creative directors: Freddie Powell and Jarrod Higgins.

And lastly, thank you to KFC for believing in us and letting us bring this amazing collaboration to life.

Behind the scenes



Pieces from the collection:

Recap Video of the Live Event

What the Internet thinks:

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