life highlights

Born: November 5th, 1988 in Beijing, China.

1988 – 1997: Nanjing, China
Pets included: tadpoles, tadpole + frog legs, baby ducks, large ducks, baby chicks, turtles, and fishes in the bath tub.

Most memorable moment: I was made choir leader of my second grade class.


Nanjing, China

1997: Moved to Vancouver, Canada.

1998: Received MOST OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENTS AWARD in my 4th grade class. To date, the highest honor I have ever received.

1999: Got out of ESL. No more Guess who.

Summer 2001: A shout out to Geocities, the host of my first blog.

2001: Started high school.

2002: The Choir teacher told me that I am probably tone deaf,
spent afternoon questioning everything.

2004: Started the International Baccalaureate program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary (what a go-getter), commence commuting life.

2006: Started undergrad at UBC, majored in scientific farming aka The Land and Food Systems.

Later in 2006: Changed majors (stops go-getting)

Summer 2008: Worked as a dishwasher at an izakaya in Osaka, Japan.

Japanese resume

with my co-workers

How the Japanese sell real estate

with my favorite customers


ate this raw chicken + raw egg + raw deal

Dec 29, 2008: Watched this video for the first time.

March 26, 2009: Held a gator.

me + gator

November, 2010: Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.Sc in Biology. Commence unemployment.

Nov 30, 2010: went to the Great Wall for the first time. I don’t know why I was so surprised that it was entirely made out of stairs, that you had to climb. Never again.

This is a before pic

January 2011 – June 2012: wrote a (bad and contrived) novel. Download PDF here

52 books in 52 weeks
I did that.

May 2012: Lived in Flushing, Queens for one month.
Saw all of MET (5 trips); wrote a bunch of short stories; decided to start my advertising career after spur of the moment Heineken headline.

Ate Popeye’s for the first time.


A photo to commemorate popeye trip no.1.

Selfie at the top of the empire state building

June 2012: END unemployment! Started job at Aero trading. It was very much like Office Space but much worse. Life dulls art.

January 2013: Created personal record for most notes on a tumblr post

March, 2013: Started novel #3 – it was about vampires.


May 31, 2013: GOT FIRED FROM JOB!

July 1, 2013: Google reader died, a small part of me died too.