Nike Adapt BB

You might have heard that Nike launched the adapt BB via Google Voice. In fact, it’s the first ever shoe launch via voice ever! You’ve read the headlines, you’ve seen the coverage. But have you heard the easter eggs?

I wrote a bunch of random lines for Kyle Kuzma and Jayson Tatum to say to combat any error. Here’s a compilation of my favorite ones. Thank you Kyle and Jayson for speaking the words I slammed into my keyboard.

Did you ever think you’d hear Kuzma say astrological ?

It’s looking like basketball o clock.
Why did the basketball cross the road? It was on an incline.
In my spare time, I love to watch birds.
Bee Boo Beep, that’s the sound of the computer working.
There’s blessed, then there’s hashtag blessed.
Hello, hello? Can’t believe I live in this Google Home now.
My mom always told me not to mumble, so I’m telling you what she told me, don’t mumble.
Will all my greatness make me arrogant? Nah. Now fetch me some caviar.
I’m a lion on the court. Off the court? It’s my astrological sign.
I’m focused on the court always, unless there’s a plate of cheese fries in front of me. Don’t tell my trainer.
My favorite desserts are cookie, my favorite sport is basketball. Both are round, coincidence?

Who’s the boss? Pro-tip. It’s me.
Beep Boo Beep, that’s the sound of the computer work.
Note to self, get really good at basketball and win all the championships.